Snap happy? 13 gift ideas for photographers!

If you’re passionate about photography or are looking to purchase a thoughtful gift for a photography obsessed friend or family member, continue reading to discover a variety of fashionable gift ideas for photographers.


1. Patterned neck straps

Whilst most photographers carry generic black camera straps, you may want to consider purchasing an eye catching camera strap best camera strapwhich boasts a unique pattern. As an example, it’s possible to purchase polka dot, heart and floral patterned camera straps.


2. Tanned, leather neck straps

If you have a classic sense of style, you may want to opt for a classic tanned leather strap, which will never go out of style. If you own a DSLR camera, just ensure to pick a wide leather strap, which will easily hold the weight of your camera.


3. Smart phone lenses

As it’s not practical to carry a DSLR camera everywhere you go, you may want to invest in an inexpensive camera phone lens, which you can easily attach to your smartphone. Attaching a smart phone lens, will allow you take a variety of different shots such as wide angle shots and close up shots.


4. An extendable selfie stick

Whilst your first reaction may be to laugh, selfie sticks have more uses than you may be aware of. Not only are selfie sticks ideal for solo travellers but you can also use a selfie stick to get a bird’s eye view shot or to get your camera closer to your intended subject. Better yet, you can purchase selfie sticks which are bluetooth enabled.


5. A memory card wallet

If you’re forever losing your memory cards, the solution is simple, purchase a specifically designed memory card wallet, which will be small enough to tuck into the pocket of your camera bag.


6. Stylish camera bags

Why carry a plain camera bag, when you purchase a fashion forward camera bag for womanmodel, which suits your individual personality? Examples of stylish camera bags on offer include canvas messenger bags and brightly colored backpacks as well as camera bags which are designed to resemble designer handbags.


7. Carbon fiber tripod

If you’re looking to invest in a tripod, it’s well worth purchasing a carbon fiber model. Whilst plastic, alloy or aluminum tripods may be significantly cheaper than a carbon fiber tripod, there’s no material that is as durable and as light as carbon fiber.


8. A camera lens inspired mug

If you’re crazy about your Nikon or Canon camera, you may be interested in purchasing a Nikon or Canon themed telephoto mug. Both of which are designed to look just like a telephoto lens.


9. DSLR filters

If you ever wished that your DSLR camera had built in filters, like your smartphone does, you’re in luck as there are a variety of DSLR filter attachments on the market. An example of which, is the DSLR Wheel of Filters, which boasts 18 different filters.


10. The Triggertrap sync cord

The Triggertrap is a handy cord which you can use to connect your DSLR camera’s shutter with your smart phone. Once both devices are tethered you’ll be able to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote trigger for your DSLR camera.


11. The Ride-a-long, pedal powered charger

If you’ve ever missed out on a photo opportunity as your smartphone ran out of battery and you’re a keen cyclist you might be interested in purchasing the Ride-a-long, which allows you to utilize the energy you expend cycling to power your smartphone.


12. Corner frame

Whilst a traditional frame might not be the most exciting of gifts, corner frames are incredibly unique and make great conversation starters.


13. The Bottle cap tripod

The Bottle cap tripod is a small attachment which can be screwed onto the top of any water or soda bottle, in order to create a makeshift tripod. The Bottle cap is the perfect gift for a keen photographer who loves to travel but doesn’t want to lug a full sized tripod on their adventures. Better yet, it is compatible with full sized cameras as well as smart phones.


So whether you’ve treated yourself to a high quality, professional camera or use your smartphone to take photographs, you’ll be sure to find at least one photography related gift listed above, that you’ll be tempted to purchase. Alternatively, if one of your loved ones has a special occasion coming up and you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, they too may be interested in some of the photography related gift ideas on offer.

Snapping Pictures in Style with Fashionable Camera Bags for Women

You’re out in the wild snapping pictures of butterflies or zooming in on colorful flowers but when it is time to head home, you realize you don’t have the right camera bag to end your shoot! As a woman, carrying yourself with the right clothes and the ideal accessories is very important. fashionable camera bags for womenSo if we’re talking about fashionable camera bags for women, the variety is limitless in style, size, and color. A camera is a very important part of being a skilled photographer so chuck aside the boring, old stock of camera bags and take a look at the latest designs that are in trend today.


Why Choose Fashionable Camera Bags?

You might be forced to run around with a sad looking DSLR bag but if you can fit your passion into your purse, what can be better? The exclusive series of camera bags that have been made available in the market today, introduce multi-purpose handbags that are spacious, durable and trendy. Be a chic shutter bug while living your dream as a photographer! Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these fashionable camera bags for women are designed to carry laptops, cameras and also be used as a purse for everyday activities.


Types of Fashionable Camera Bags

1.Heavy Duty Shots

Capture beautiful shots of rich biodiversity thriving in the rain forests, as you carry your camera in the sturdy ONA bags that looks similar to a 1940’s satchel. Composed of hard leather, this stylish multi-pocket sack is definitely an ideal choice. If you’re out for daily shoots then you need a bag which is comfortable, spacious and funky! Try out the Shootsac, a fashionable hands-free tote that offers easy access and sturdy fit.

2.Retro Frame

You just might be busy grabbing a bite of freshly baked bread and a cup of hot cocoa early morning along the authentic streets of Italy. Jo Totes introduces a fine line of cute and efficient sling bags, that accommodate much more than just a lip gloss and your wallet. Check out the mustard style, Georgian pleated sling bag that consists of a main compartment with a zipper that holds your camera safely in style. This is one of the best fashionable camera bags for women that signify your personality and mood!

3.Elegant Rolls

But if you’re already strutting past dinner tables capturing pictures of a major event in your town, then a sexy black handbag is what you need! Introducing a professional and sleek look, check out the Bossi Bag, which is the perfect choice for fashionistas who want to capture the hottest streets trends in the city. This customary bag comprises of a cross body strap, streamlined with metallic designs that easily fits multiple needs while photographing.
Despite having a feminine appearance, fashionable camera bags for women are made for the purpose of accommodating your gadget, lens and several other electronic equipments. Composed of heavy padding, such camera bags are less likely to attract the attention of thieves and rough handling. You can enjoy owning an attractive feminine accessory that secures your camera inside a comfortable fit, as you travel the world on your adventure filled shoots.

Designer Camera Bags for Women: Find the Right One

Designer camera bags for women make it easy for you to carry all your equipment and personal items. You have worked hard to purchase your equipment and you now need a bag that suits your personality. Female waterproof camera bagphotographers assume that they have to carry around those dull looking bags that come with their DSLR. On the contrary, there are various stylish options that offer extra space for your purse and lip gloss.


Current Trend

Colorful bags that can accommodate essential items such as laptops and tablets have gained a lot of popularity among female photographers. There is a trend towards versatile bags that allow women to easily move from a photo shoot to a night out on the town or dinner with friends. Designer camera bags with removable inserts are also popular because they make it easy to customize a bag to suit different needs.


What to Look For


There are various things you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a bag for your digital camera. Your needs determine the kind of bag you will select. However, it has to offer enough space and protection for your camera and accessories. These are the two most essential aspects to consider. You also need to consider size, design, extra storage space, cost, and accessibility.

Select a camera that can accommodate your camera and all the other items you require on a photo shoot. The camera should fit snugly without moving when you place it inside. A bag that has a removable insert will be more convenient because it allows you to keep several items. Find a portable bag that you can carry all day. There are various bags with thick straps to ensure you are comfortable during a photo shoot.

Padding is essential when you are looking for a bag for your camera. Adequate padding will ensure your equipment stays safe in case of a fall. It should withstand the impact of a fall. The bag may slip off accidentally when you are moving around. Designer camera bags for women should be durable.

The stylish bags designed for female photographers also need to have soft linings. Your lenses need to be protected from scratches. Find a bag with a soft padding. A stylish bag that does not offer adequate padding is not worth it.

Ease of access is another important aspect to keep in mind as you shop. Get a bag that will make it easy for you to work. You should be able to access the different compartments with ease. Side loading pockets are the latest trends for female photographers who are looking for convenient bags.

Choose a secure bag to prevent your camera equipment and personal items from falling out. Most of the designer camera bags for women have Velcro, zippers, buckles, and locking systems in the main compartment. Check the features of the bag before you purchase to determine if it will keep your items secure.


Where to Buy Designer Camera Bags for Women


Online stores are the best option if you want to purchase a bag for your camera. They offer a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colors. Some of the brands to select from include Kelly Moore, Ephipanie, ONA, THEIT, Jill-e, POMPIDOO, Jo Totes, and Shootsac.

Different Types Of Top Camera Bags

There are so many styles of top camera bags to choose from, often making it hard for you to determine which of these bags is best for you. Basically, camera bagthere are two types of camera bags with all of them being made to wear either as a backpack or a shoulder bag. Each type of camera bag has its own advantages, depending on how you want to use yours and which would be the convenient and best way to transport and access your photography equipment.

Shoulder camera bags can easily fit over your shoulders and provide quick access to your camera and other accessories inside. You just need to pull back the flap, and reach in to get the piece of equipment you need without any need to remove the bag from your shoulder. On the other hand, the backpack type top camera bags can only be accessed when they are removed from your shoulder. They are very helpful for all those who cover long distances to get close to their photography locations or carry a lot of equipment. Unlike shoulder camera bag that puts weight on just one spot, the backpack bag distributes it across the entire back which reduces discomfort or pain in one area.


What Should Have Top Camera Bags?

The camera bag that you choose should provide adequate protection to your equipment. It should also be comfortable to carry. The individual construction and style of the bag should reflect both your needs and photography habits. Aside from backpack and shoulder bag style top camera bags, there are many other styles, designs, brands and sizes to choose from. The most important thing here is to get a bag that fits your personal comfort as well as your equipment needs. If you take a lot of equipment and travel to remote locations, then backpack style camera bags are best for you.


Protect Your Camera From Water

Some photographers even work in wet areas in their quest for that perfect shot. Although there’s no situation that is too difficult to maneuver to get the best shot, you should always protect your accessories and camera from extensive damage that water can cause. Whether water gets splashed on by something or someone in water or it is raining, it just takes a little exposure to ruin your investment.

Many underwater camera bags are quite similar to regular pouch-type bags. This means you can take it anywhere you go without your camera bag standing out. In spite of similarity in design and style, there are many brands available on the market to meet wide range of needs. You can even find a camera bag that has been specifically designed for the model and brand of camera you own. The straps and the way a camera bag is carried will help in defining its usability. It’s also important to choose designs that are available for different sizes so that different cameras are easily able to fit in these bags.


Find Your Favorite Camera Bag

Although top camera bags go the extra mile in protecting you digital camera and other valuable photography equipment, they are still a very economical choice. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to appreciate the value of these camera bags. Many online stores offer affordable high quality bags to choose from and will protect your investment wherever you go.

Match Your Personality with Fashion Camera Straps

Over the years the love and appreciation for photography has grown and is seen as a means for a person to express his or her soul. Now, photographers can express their personality outside the camera lens simply with fashion camera camera strap

Throw away those boring black, silver, white, and other plain-colored camera straps and exchange it for a fashion camera strap that suits your personality. Even your camera can be made into a fashion accessory and become an extension of your art.



Various designs of camera straps

Although most camera manufacturers include a sturdy carrier these straps are honestly boring to look at. The desire to personalize and match camera straps is growing. So there are many camera straps out in the market today that offer various designs to suit different personalities. Whether you want the rugged feel of camouflage and leather straps or the eclectic vibe of tribal designs, there will always be a strap for you.

Check out straps by !mo,short for In My Opinion. !mo believes that life and everything one experiences is a gift and celebrates these gifts through their camera straps. Their designs, which can be described as lively, aggressive, and colorful, are conceptualized in Hong Kong while the straps are manufactured in China.

Some camera straps sacrifice quality for design and use materials that are not built to last, but !mo straps are proven to hold the heaviest of your heaviest cameras! You can choose from Neoprene to Cotton Straps and both ends are always made of leather so you can relax in the knowledge that your favorite DLSR is always secure.

The quick release straps can hold over 120 lbs while the non-quick release straps can support more than 180 lbs! It’s definitely the best example of Personality meets Functionality!

 For more designs of camera straps click here!

Custom made camera straps

Another great photographer find is Jodie’s Camera Straps where you can have your camera straps custom made. Imagine yourself browsing through strap after strap but can’t find the one that suits you best, will you settle for anything less? You shouldn’t have to and you won’t have to. Simply order the strap you like, go to the personalization info to explain preferences, make your payment, and wait for it in the mail!

Now you can have a camera strap that you know was made especially for you and only you. All of Jodie’s straps are handmade and use padded covers over a sturdy webbing strap to ensure the safety of your camera and your comfort in wearing one.


Your new lifestyle

Be Fashion-Forward with PhatStraps! PhatStraps offers a selection of camera straps that are wider has genuine leather ends with an accent ring from their Premier Edition. You can even opt for an upgrade to have minky lining added to your strap. Buying a gift for loved one? You can also have your camera straps personalized!

If it’s a question of strength then PhatStraps’ webbing core boasts a breaking point of over 1100 lbs of pressure! They even offer an add-on option where you can have strap locks added to your camera strap to prevent accidental slipping or loosening. It’s specially designed for the heavy-duty photographer that uses heavy-duty equipment.

After so many years of waiting and saving, you finally have the camera you’ve always wanted. So make sure that you get the fashion camera strap that doesn’t just reflect your personality, but can also withstand the busy lifestyle of an artistic photographer.

Tips for Choosing Designer Camera Straps

More and more people are coming to realize the amazing benefits of owning a fashionable and modern camera strap. With photography becoming an increasingly popular hobby, the demand for personalization and uniqueness has grown exponentially lately. While most camera manufacturers provide standard straps for the camera, almost all of them are frankly quite boring. This is why both amateurs and professional photographers are turning to designer camera straps.

Click here for fashion camera straps!

Using the right accessories can greatly enhance your photography experience. A resistant and durable strap is exactly what you need in order to keep your precious camera safe. Customers can choose anything from neck straps to slings. Custom camera straps are considered the best choice, because they are both more durable and fashionable than standard straps that come with the camera. If you are looking for a perfect strap for your camera, the best place to start is by searching online, because it can save you both time and money.

Designer camera straps come in a wide variety of models, so choosing one that suit your tastes might be a daunting task. The truth is that the strap you finally choose can say a lot about your preferences, personality and photography style. For example, if you want to be fashionable, you could go with a floral print or chains strap. On the other hand, if you enjoy candid street poses, a minimalist grip or a belted harness will suffice. Before choosing the right camera strap for you, there are several functions and styles you need to look upon. The following tips will help you choose the perfect camera strap for you.


The Proper Material

One of the extremely important thing you need to remember when choosing designer camera strapsyour camera strap is the material. While spongy straps might last less long, they are way more comfortable and can be worn around the neck. A nylon strap or one made from leather can last much longer in time and offer a better return on investment. On Abie Straps you can find tens of camera straps, anything from satin straps to black leather camera straps.


The Right Length

It all depends on your camera. If you fancy compact cameras, you should buy a wrist-style strap. On the other hand, if you own a large camera with interchangeable lenses or a SLR, choose a longer strap made from a top-quality material. You need it to last longer in time and to protect your digital camera. A good website where you can find a wide variety of camera straps is Riley G Designworks. All the straps featured on the website are made from natural leather; some of them are even bulletproof. All the straps on the website are hand-crafted in the USA, made from the best materials.


A Suitable Style

Lastly, in order to make sure you will choose the best  camera straps that does not only meet your needs, but also exceed all your expectations, it is imperative to pick a style that suits you. Think if whether you like patterned straps or neutral-colored straps. Do you want to draw attention to your brand new camera or simply to blend the strap with your own unique fashion style? For example, at Mod Straps you can find your perfect strap – basic, classic or premium.

Cool camera bags, straps and other accessories

Cool accessories for your camera

Now that you finally got yourself a nifty digital camera, you really don’t need to settle for the dull bag it came in and the strap it came with – it’s time to search the world wide web for cool camera bags and other artful accessories to go with your your new gadget. Lucky for you, your search for online camera store can end with Rigu Colorful Camera Accessories that offers a wide variety of fashionable camera straps and bags for your new DSLR camera.

Starting with their range of camera straps, there’s one for cameras for all cool camera accessoriesshapes and sizes: they’ve got neck straps, wrist straps, point-and-shoot straps, compact system camera straps and DSLR straps. For one, check out the Rattan DSLR Camera Strap by LunaViz that comes in standard fitment that will work with almost all DSLR cameras. Made of strong canvas with a rattan style pattern handmade by a family-run company in Hongkong, this fashionable expresses the nature-lover in you.

When that camera’s not around your neck, then it must be safely inside one of camera bags. Like the Canvas DSLR backpack by Besnfoto that’s perfect for cute dslr camera bagoutdoor photo shoots. The top half of the bag is spacious enough for your lunch, perhaps an extra shirt while the bottom half is reserved for your camera body and lenses. It even has a padded compartment for your laptop or tablet. It also has a slot for a medium-sized tripod and the shoulder pads are padded too ensuring comfort and ease for the wearer wherever your photo shoot may take you.


Cool pouches

They’ve also got really cool pouches for smaller point-and-shoot cameras like Pisen’s soft padded camera bag that can also hold your mobile phone, iPhone or iPod. It comes with carabiner-style ring that allows you to attach it either to your belt loop or your backpack.

But if you always want to be ready to take that once-in-a-lifetime snapshot and would rather have your point-and-shoot ready to fire, then check out the wide range of wrist straps on the site. Cam-in offers gorgeous, high-quality leather straps that speak not only of style but also of durability. Or if you’re looking for something more quirky or playful, then you might opt for any one of the the photography giftsCoucou Bonbon wrist straps by Jetoy that comes in 10 different vivid colors. These wacky straps are made with “vegan-friendly” artificial leather.

Visit Rigu Colourful Camera Accessories now and be mesmerized by their range of cool camera bags, straps and other accessories that will go with your camera and your own personal style!

Personalize your camera neck strap

After investing in a high tech new digital camera, the next step to take is to begin personalizing and customizing your camera and equipping it to reflect your own personality in any ways you can. One of the best ways to personalize your new digital camera is to equip it with a functional and fashionable camera neck strap, which can be used for the purpose of carrying and transporting your camera around your neck or over your shoulder, and it can also serve the function of distinguishing your camera from the multitude of other ones that look similar to it.

camera neck strap
Personalize your digital camera

When you work hard to attain the kind of digital camera that tends to be fairly expensive, it makes perfect sense to want to make it your own in every possible way. There are a wide variety of different brands and models, and each camera shoulder strap tends to have its own unique design and material composition.

There are custom camera straps available for men, and camera straps for women, and also some models that fall under the unisex category of camera straps. Regardless of what kind of style and material an individual selects for their camera neck strap, making the investment in one of these products can be the most effective way to both personalize your digital camera, and give it an added functionality that can truly make a big difference.

Different Styles and Material Compositions

Depending on a camera owner’s specific stylistic preferences, there is a broad range of different variations of camera shoulder and neck straps that can be purchased. Every individual has their own aesthetic tastes, and because of this, companies work very hard to produce a range of product options that is sufficient to satisfy a great deal of different demographics and types of customers.

Some styles are very colorful and bright, while others are more low-profile and downplayed; this is simply a reflection of all the different personality types that can be expressed through different brands and models of neck straps.

Some companies will offer camera neck strap options in the more typical synthetic fabric blends, and others will offer their customers camera strap options that are made from leather and other kinds of materials as well. The material used in the making of a camera shoulder and neck strap often has a significant bearing on the overall price of the strap, which is something that should be taken into account by prospective buyers of this kind of product.

Choose cool camera strap for your new camera

For those individuals seeking to customize their new digital cameras, cool camera straps can be the best way to add some personality and character to a brand new camera. Personalized camera straps come in a wide variety of different designs, materials, sizes, and gender orientations, making it easy to find a style that best suits your individual qualities.


After working hard and investing in a high tech digital camera, you want to be able to emphasize and express your personality through the straps used to wear, secure, and best camera straptransport your camera everywhere you want to go with it. For the benefit of digital camera owners seeking to acquire custom camera straps, some of the different characteristics and qualities of these useful accessories will now be discussed.


Types of Cool Camera Straps

With regard to options for personalized custom camera straps, there is a large degree of variability in terms of the different materials that can be used in the strap design. For example, leather camera straps are available, which make a very fashionable statement for certain individuals.


More conventional fabrics are also available, with a wide array of colors and styles for all tastes. Certain companies will offer a service where they will create a unique camera strap with your design of choice, which is a great option for those photographers and camera enthusiasts who would like to have exclusive creative control over the aesthetic design of their personalized camera strap.


Designs for both men and women are available, and a large selection of unisex designs as well. With digital camera prices being as high as they are in today’s market, it makes sense to also invest in a prominent camera strap to complete the whole package.


Having a camera strap that speaks to the inner you is an effective way to equip your camera with both practical function and usability, while also giving it a touch of personality that will continue to inspire you over time. No matter which designs or companies you should decide to acquire your custom camera straps from, it is highly likely that the designs and the styles you are looking for will be available from a given camera straps brand.


Reasons for Customizing Your Camera Straps

The fact of the matter is that many cameras look alike, and so choosing a custom camera strap can serve to differentiate your camera from the rest, while also giving you an outlet to express your personality and your interests.


Being able to have a personalized strap is something that gives a photographer or camera enthusiast a chance to demonstrate a theme that describes them to potential clients and people they are working with, before ever saying a word.


Some people may think that a camera strap is relatively trivial when it comes to expressing something about an individual photographer, but in reality, appearances account for much more of our opinions than is immediately observable and in this way it helps to have an visual accompaniment especially when doing professional photography work. Some photographers might decide to have a custom strap created that displays their own individual brand or studio name, which would be a great reason to personalize your camera strap.


Prominent Brands and Manufacturers of Cool Camera Straps

When beginning your search for the perfect camera straps, some prominent brands to consider include Capturing Couture, Cosmos, 3M, Joby, Lowepro, Alpine Designs, Opteka, Tamrac, and many more. Each one of these brands essentially fills its own individual design niche, offering consumers brand new custom camera strap designs that have never been seen before on a regular basis.


Companies are always developing new designs and material compositions for their cool camera straps, continually contributing to the vast array of personalized camera straps already available on the open market. Even though the functional demands of camera straps are always the same, there is still a high degree of variability that can be achieved with regard to all of the different ways in which camera straps can be produced, and of the materials with which they can be fabricated.


Manufacturers, specialized in designing camera straps are constantly experimenting with new fabric blends and constructions in order to stay on the cutting edge of the increasingly popular custom digital camera straps industry.