Cool camera bags, straps and other accessories

Cool accessories for your camera

Now that you finally got yourself a nifty digital camera, you really don’t need to settle for the dull bag it came in and the strap it came with – it’s time to search the world wide web for cool camera bags and other artful accessories to go with your your new gadget. Lucky for you, your search for online camera store can end with Rigu Colorful Camera Accessories that offers a wide variety of fashionable camera straps and bags for your new DSLR camera.

Starting with their range of camera straps, there’s one for cameras for all cool camera accessoriesshapes and sizes: they’ve got neck straps, wrist straps, point-and-shoot straps, compact system camera straps and DSLR straps. For one, check out the Rattan DSLR Camera Strap by LunaViz that comes in standard fitment that will work with almost all DSLR cameras. Made of strong canvas with a rattan style pattern handmade by a family-run company in Hongkong, this fashionable expresses the nature-lover in you.

When that camera’s not around your neck, then it must be safely inside one of camera bags. Like the Canvas DSLR backpack by Besnfoto that’s perfect for cute dslr camera bagoutdoor photo shoots. The top half of the bag is spacious enough for your lunch, perhaps an extra shirt while the bottom half is reserved for your camera body and lenses. It even has a padded compartment for your laptop or tablet. It also has a slot for a medium-sized tripod and the shoulder pads are padded too ensuring comfort and ease for the wearer wherever your photo shoot may take you.


Cool pouches

They’ve also got really cool pouches for smaller point-and-shoot cameras like Pisen’s soft padded camera bag that can also hold your mobile phone, iPhone or iPod. It comes with carabiner-style ring that allows you to attach it either to your belt loop or your backpack.

But if you always want to be ready to take that once-in-a-lifetime snapshot and would rather have your point-and-shoot ready to fire, then check out the wide range of wrist straps on the site. Cam-in offers gorgeous, high-quality leather straps that speak not only of style but also of durability. Or if you’re looking for something more quirky or playful, then you might opt for any one of the the photography giftsCoucou Bonbon wrist straps by Jetoy that comes in 10 different vivid colors. These wacky straps are made with “vegan-friendly” artificial leather.

Visit Rigu Colourful Camera Accessories now and be mesmerized by their range of cool camera bags, straps and other accessories that will go with your camera and your own personal style!

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