Match Your Personality with Fashion Camera Straps

Over the years the love and appreciation for photography has grown and is seen as a means for a person to express his or her soul. Now, photographers can express their personality outside the camera lens simply with fashion camera camera strap

Throw away those boring black, silver, white, and other plain-colored camera straps and exchange it for a fashion camera strap that suits your personality. Even your camera can be made into a fashion accessory and become an extension of your art.



Various designs of camera straps

Although most camera manufacturers include a sturdy carrier these straps are honestly boring to look at. The desire to personalize and match camera straps is growing. So there are many camera straps out in the market today that offer various designs to suit different personalities. Whether you want the rugged feel of camouflage and leather straps or the eclectic vibe of tribal designs, there will always be a strap for you.

Check out straps by !mo,short for In My Opinion. !mo believes that life and everything one experiences is a gift and celebrates these gifts through their camera straps. Their designs, which can be described as lively, aggressive, and colorful, are conceptualized in Hong Kong while the straps are manufactured in China.

Some camera straps sacrifice quality for design and use materials that are not built to last, but !mo straps are proven to hold the heaviest of your heaviest cameras! You can choose from Neoprene to Cotton Straps and both ends are always made of leather so you can relax in the knowledge that your favorite DLSR is always secure.

The quick release straps can hold over 120 lbs while the non-quick release straps can support more than 180 lbs! It’s definitely the best example of Personality meets Functionality!

 For more designs of camera straps click here!

Custom made camera straps

Another great photographer find is Jodie’s Camera Straps where you can have your camera straps custom made. Imagine yourself browsing through strap after strap but can’t find the one that suits you best, will you settle for anything less? You shouldn’t have to and you won’t have to. Simply order the strap you like, go to the personalization info to explain preferences, make your payment, and wait for it in the mail!

Now you can have a camera strap that you know was made especially for you and only you. All of Jodie’s straps are handmade and use padded covers over a sturdy webbing strap to ensure the safety of your camera and your comfort in wearing one.


Your new lifestyle

Be Fashion-Forward with PhatStraps! PhatStraps offers a selection of camera straps that are wider has genuine leather ends with an accent ring from their Premier Edition. You can even opt for an upgrade to have minky lining added to your strap. Buying a gift for loved one? You can also have your camera straps personalized!

If it’s a question of strength then PhatStraps’ webbing core boasts a breaking point of over 1100 lbs of pressure! They even offer an add-on option where you can have strap locks added to your camera strap to prevent accidental slipping or loosening. It’s specially designed for the heavy-duty photographer that uses heavy-duty equipment.

After so many years of waiting and saving, you finally have the camera you’ve always wanted. So make sure that you get the fashion camera strap that doesn’t just reflect your personality, but can also withstand the busy lifestyle of an artistic photographer.

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