Snap happy? 13 gift ideas for photographers!

If you’re passionate about photography or are looking to purchase a thoughtful gift for a photography obsessed friend or family member, continue reading to discover a variety of fashionable gift ideas for photographers.


1. Patterned neck straps

Whilst most photographers carry generic black camera straps, you may want to consider purchasing an eye catching camera strap best camera strapwhich boasts a unique pattern. As an example, it’s possible to purchase polka dot, heart and floral patterned camera straps.


2. Tanned, leather neck straps

If you have a classic sense of style, you may want to opt for a classic tanned leather strap, which will never go out of style. If you own a DSLR camera, just ensure to pick a wide leather strap, which will easily hold the weight of your camera.


3. Smart phone lenses

As it’s not practical to carry a DSLR camera everywhere you go, you may want to invest in an inexpensive camera phone lens, which you can easily attach to your smartphone. Attaching a smart phone lens, will allow you take a variety of different shots such as wide angle shots and close up shots.


4. An extendable selfie stick

Whilst your first reaction may be to laugh, selfie sticks have more uses than you may be aware of. Not only are selfie sticks ideal for solo travellers but you can also use a selfie stick to get a bird’s eye view shot or to get your camera closer to your intended subject. Better yet, you can purchase selfie sticks which are bluetooth enabled.


5. A memory card wallet

If you’re forever losing your memory cards, the solution is simple, purchase a specifically designed memory card wallet, which will be small enough to tuck into the pocket of your camera bag.


6. Stylish camera bags

Why carry a plain camera bag, when you purchase a fashion forward camera bag for womanmodel, which suits your individual personality? Examples of stylish camera bags on offer include canvas messenger bags and brightly colored backpacks as well as camera bags which are designed to resemble designer handbags.


7. Carbon fiber tripod

If you’re looking to invest in a tripod, it’s well worth purchasing a carbon fiber model. Whilst plastic, alloy or aluminum tripods may be significantly cheaper than a carbon fiber tripod, there’s no material that is as durable and as light as carbon fiber.


8. A camera lens inspired mug

If you’re crazy about your Nikon or Canon camera, you may be interested in purchasing a Nikon or Canon themed telephoto mug. Both of which are designed to look just like a telephoto lens.


9. DSLR filters

If you ever wished that your DSLR camera had built in filters, like your smartphone does, you’re in luck as there are a variety of DSLR filter attachments on the market. An example of which, is the DSLR Wheel of Filters, which boasts 18 different filters.


10. The Triggertrap sync cord

The Triggertrap is a handy cord which you can use to connect your DSLR camera’s shutter with your smart phone. Once both devices are tethered you’ll be able to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote trigger for your DSLR camera.


11. The Ride-a-long, pedal powered charger

If you’ve ever missed out on a photo opportunity as your smartphone ran out of battery and you’re a keen cyclist you might be interested in purchasing the Ride-a-long, which allows you to utilize the energy you expend cycling to power your smartphone.


12. Corner frame

Whilst a traditional frame might not be the most exciting of gifts, corner frames are incredibly unique and make great conversation starters.


13. The Bottle cap tripod

The Bottle cap tripod is a small attachment which can be screwed onto the top of any water or soda bottle, in order to create a makeshift tripod. The Bottle cap is the perfect gift for a keen photographer who loves to travel but doesn’t want to lug a full sized tripod on their adventures. Better yet, it is compatible with full sized cameras as well as smart phones.


So whether you’ve treated yourself to a high quality, professional camera or use your smartphone to take photographs, you’ll be sure to find at least one photography related gift listed above, that you’ll be tempted to purchase. Alternatively, if one of your loved ones has a special occasion coming up and you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, they too may be interested in some of the photography related gift ideas on offer.

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