Stylish Camera Bags For Women

Any lack of choices available for a camera bag can be very irritating for female photographers. Usually, women are forced to carry around a sad looking camera bag plus their ongoing purse because there isn’t enough space. Otherwise, they would stuff their not-so-cheap camera directly in their purse, running the risk of damaging the camera body or scraping the lenses or the viewfinder.

Fortunately, we’ve hunted down a few stylish camera bags for women that will certainly not make you stand out like a tourist, yet still have plenty of room for your lip gloss, phone and wallet.


This stylish and beautiful camera bag from Kelly Moore bag store comes in a sapphire color. It is man-made using water resistant materials and brass. This camera bag holds both the camera body with its lenses attached. It can also be used to hold up to a 17” laptop. It has roomy exterior pockets that you can use to store your essentials like a wallet and lip-gloss and memory card.
This convertible camera/handbag is fashion and function combined in every style

  • DESIGNER camera bag
  • Tons of SPACES and POCKETS




camera bag for woman

This bag is not just any other camera bag; it is fully padded with messenger strap included. It is one of its kind with the side pocket to store your accessories. With this bag, you will not have to keep your camera hanging around your neck for easy access. Just unzip the side pocket and reach for your ready-to-shoot.

  • BIGGER than you thought
  • Also for normal PURSE STUFF



stylish camera bags
This camera bag combines function and fashion in every style. It is made using artificial leather. It has the the adjustable shoulder strap and two magnet locks to enable you to store the camera easily, soft inner cotton material case to absorb vibration and shock, back and front exterior pockets for you to keep your accessories. This camera bag can be used as a casual bag after removing the detachable partitions.

  • Very CLASSY camera bag
  • Can be used as a CASUAL bag
  • DURABLE and SOFT inner cotton material


camera bag

This camera bag is very stylish and functional. Its polyurethane exterior is weather resistant and the interior is padded to protect the camera. It is large enough to leave room for your iPad or laptop. You can also use the outside pockets to put your memory card, extra batteries or your phone. It is available in a stylish purple color.

  • Very STYLISH camera bag
  • Also for HEAVY camera EQUIPMENT
  • Great PRICED camera bag



funky camera bags

This classy camera bag for ladies comes in a red color. The whole bag is fully padded using closed-cell foam and a tricot quilted lining to prevent any scratches on the camera as well as protect the contents in the bag. It has hidden pockets that you can use to store cleaning cloths, memory card and any other accessories. This bag has white handles that complement its body. Its handles are also soft and fit comfortable in the hands.

  • STYLISH retro-look design
  • COOL purse for your camera
  • Camera bag for UNEXPECTED great shot


waterproof camera bag

ONA camera bag is a replica of the 1940s school bags and it is made using vegetable-tanned leather. Its straps can be adjusted to the size you are comfortable with and it has side weather flaps to fully protect your gear. There is no need to carry a purse as you can store your make-ups and wallet in the multiple side pockets.

  • QUALITY camera bag for street photographer
  • NICE looking camera bag
  • Reliably PROTECTS your gear


ladies camera bag




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What to look for when considering a designer camera to buy

Picking the right camera bag for you can sometimes be very hard, yet turn out to be a simple task on other occasions. This all depends on the quantity of equipment you have, how much of it you intend to carry, if you need multiple bags of different sizes to match both situations and what budget can you afford. And of course, your style and personality.

Especially if you are dead set on matching a tiny bag that will carry a camera body, a flash, a lens, model releases, a Gary Fong Lightsphere and a wallet to match up with that gorgeous new orange sundress and a completely another bag to go with these leather pants and that stylish zebra print camisole. Later, it’s all up to you.

Unluckily, the majority of camera bags tend to look alike, ugly, and YELL, “Hello, I’m definitely a camera bag!”

A nice stylish camera bag will certainly look like a normal handbag, modern nevertheless. It should also be spacious enough to carry your usual stuff, and your children’s kiddies as well. This will prevent the need to carry around two or three bags at a time.

However, the camera bag you will end up choosing should be padded with thick safety foam and have inserts with Velcro strips on ends. This virtually enables you to modify the interior of your bag, forming protective slots for lenses, your camera body, flash, and other accessories. Such bags are also extremely easy to sling around, no matter whether you’ve got a backpack, sling carrier, messenger bag, hip pack, roller or briefcase.

Plus, you need to make sure the bag is modern-looking, attractive, and fits your personality and your style. However, don’t worry, just keep reading as we will provide a list of 5 best stylish camera bags for women, and you can decide later!


Most Featured Stylish Camera Bags For Women

There are so many stylish bags out there, and a brief look on Etsy can prove that. Ranging from vintage bags to handmade ones, we can mention as an example the most featured Kelly Moore, Chevron, Robins Egg Dandelion, Epiphanie, MadArt…etc. In this section, we will try to list 5 bags we like, and think are stylish and modern enough to satisfy your needs:

1- Kelly Moore Libby Bag

This Kelly Moore Libby bag is a well arranged bag that may also be used by photography fans as well. This is the first women’s bag that is fashioned to carry your full equipment and your laptop. It is flexible enough to meet all your requirements. Now, you do not have to carry 3 different bags when you are traveling anymore.


  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • A laptop divider that can carry up to a17″ laptop
  • 5 padded, adjustable and removable dividers
  • Bottom and exterior walls of this bag are padded
  • An iPad-sized pocket
  • 2 over-the-shoulder straps of 11″ height
  • A removable long messenger band (up to 56″)
  • This bag is made of water-resistant, man-made materials
  • Antiqued Metal Hardware
  • Shoulder Padding
  • This bag will carry up to a 10″ lens, plus a standard body or a pro body with grip or a full camera body with lens attached


2- Epiphanie LYRIC

This bag is ideal for long walks throughout Paris or a complete day of photo shoots, each girl requires a Lyric in their camera bag set. This must-have item fits your camera body; plus attached lens, 1 to 2 smaller lenses, a long lens (includes 70-200mm), wallet, cell phone, memory cards, lip gloss and keys. The back pocket had been designed to carry your iPad!


  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • 13″L x 4″W x 15″H
  • Made of water-resistant, synthetic, high-quality leather
  • Braided shoulder-strap drop, length: 13.5″
  • Padded, removable cross-body band: 51″ max length
  • 2 front zipper pockets of 3.75″L x 6″H
  • Back zipper pocket of 10.25″L x 8.75″H and another zipper pocket of 6″L x 4.5″H
  • Ultra soft white coating
  • Extra padding for optimal gear protection
  • 3 fabric panels can be adjusted to any situation for an ideal customization (2 short and 1 long)


3-Ona Venice Leather camera bag

The Venice is a naturally polished full-grain leather camera bag, created to carry a professional camera, up to 3 lenses, plus other small personal stuff. A thin internal room offers lots of space for your iPad, sunshades, wallet, and your other items; a slim back pocket and 2 large front pockets are ideal for lens caps, batteries and film. With its elegant and modern shape, it is possible to wear the Venice as a regular shoulder bag on those rare events when you are not carrying your camera along.


  • 14.5″L X 13″W X 5″D
  • Hand-made with full-grain leather
  • Offers enough space for your camera and up to 3 lenses
  • Flexible shoulder-strap, drop length of 14″-18″
  • Detachable padded shoulder-pad
  • Completely personalized inside with 3 detachable dividers
  • Personal stuff area with enough room for your iPad


4- Jo Totes Rose

This beautiful classic bag comes with a rosette, front panel and pleated sides, and zippered pockets for your different stuff. The classic detail has a durable and easy-to-pull steel zipper. Rose is the ideal day bag for holding your camera along with an extra lens and your daily purse stuff while you are out and about.



  • 16 3/4″ x 11″ x 6″
  • Exterior material: lambskin pattern, top quality water-resistant faux leather in teal
  • Interior fabric: cotton in black and white
  • Interior pockets: one zippered pocket and two open pockets
  • 1/2″ foam stitched into the coating of the bottom and all four sides of the bag
  • Detachable and flexible cross-body strap
  • Four flexible pads made of a1/2″ foam
  • Solid and smooth-sliding metal zipper
  • 8″ shoulder-drop
  • 4 metallic feet
  • Steel color: touched silver



5- Kelly Moore classic bag Fuchsia

This bag offers a very flexible handling and is very stylish and useful.



  • Weight 2.5 lbs
  • 16” x 4” x 11”
  • Two magnetic snap pockets
  • Two side pockets to carry your phone
  • 1 spacious back zipper pocket that will fit an iPad
  • 3 padded, adjustable, removable Velcro dividers which total up 4 sections inside.
  • Bottom and exterior walls of this bag are padded
  • Can hold a camera body; 2 to 4 lenses; flash; cords; keys; phone; wallet; and batteries;
  • It can carry up to 8″ lens in length lenses.
  • Flexible strap with a shoulder pad included
  • Water-resistant man-made material

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